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Chambre d’étudiant


Chambre d’étudiant

Joli projet de logement étudiant, mis en forme par le studio d”architectes suédois Tengbom. Avec une empreinte écologique faible et une bilan carbone réduit, cette idée permet à 22 étudiants d’en profiter en 2014.

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Tiny space , very well laid out.

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add functionality to the smallest of spaces…..

MIT Media Lab CityHome:

What if 200 ft2 could be 3x larger?

Nice modern office for the back yard

found here

good looking pressed veneer ply desk

found here

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Tree house in Baños, Ecuador.

Swing it.

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Houseboat with basement bedroom.

Mälaren, Sweden.

Basement bedroom in a house boat? Incredible.

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Any nook into an office

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Bedroom Pods

Small bedroom pod.
I wish i was that organized.

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Fucking Adorable Playhouse | Ultra Architects

When the trees in your backyard aren’t strong enough to make a treehouse, just use the earth as your creativity. Ultra Architects did exactly that with this amazing playhouse.

Am I too old to ask for one of these?

So creative.

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GIZMODO - The Tiny Transforming Apartment That Packs Eight Rooms into 350 Square Feet

Apartment perfection in 350 square feet.

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mixed use coffee table / doll house.
Brilliant for small space living.

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mixed use coffee table / doll house.

Brilliant for small space living.

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Small space living with all the necessities within reach.


This guy basically bought a 20 sqm apartment and turned it into a multi-functional space, with the only thing private being the toilet. At one point he says he spent a lot of money on it, only logical since everything had to be custom made.

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