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Floating desk


Wooden Bookshelves
made of modular elements.
All the modules are designed to rotate around a central
axis providing support for the books. The bottom part
can be used as an hanging device.
Multiple shelves can be endlessly combined to customize
your space.


Modular shelf for what have you

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Solar Umbrella home by Brooks + Scarpa

Solar panels creating a covered porch……

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Bed transformation

Good design is so inspiring.

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Luxurious Brentwood Residence | Source

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Indoor Herb Garden


Spring is almost here, and now is the perfect time to plant seeds and start growing your garden indoors.

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Mmmmmmm fresh herbs that look good too.

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Design by John Randal McDonald, a protege of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Near Grand Rapids, for sale less than 400k, on 20 acres


Minimalist chairs and sofas, Muller Van Severen furniture

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Simple ideas are often the best.

Food trucks are all the rage everywhere…… super modern. I like it.

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Woody35 Cabin by Marianne Borge

Good spot to hang out up top with all that warmed concrete. Maybe a good reading spot or nap area?

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………… it speaks for itself.

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Mowing the roof?y

Mowing the roof?


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MTH Woodworks has created tables with reclaimed cedar trunks and a resin made of soybean and peanuts. Yumm soy and peanuts.

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