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Want, but can’t have.

highlighter with a see through tip…….great design

Max Lamb pewter stool from scratch

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Mid century dream house – William F. Cody 

Good design and lots of light.

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A very good space saving furniture design, by resource furniture.
Great idea to use in small flats and houses. Smooth movements, strong structures.

I have share this in the past, but I am always so impressed each time I see it. Worth sharing again.

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Great product design by Shang Zhi, Qi Qiu & Surong Sun. Was the 2012 IDEA Awards winner. The image is a self—explanatory one. You won`t have to buy a new bed body.

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ipad envelope from shinola…… 

made in Detroit

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5 hole wooden sharpener

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check out their leather products too.

Clean pendant grouping.

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Researching lamp parts, I came across these beauties.

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curve hanger
is one of the products in the curve collection that was designed for a new furniture brand ‘karv’. the brand focuses on manufacturing products by cnc machines where we choose plywood because of its strength and applicability to the machines

Kittipoom Songsiri

A. Modular closet
B. Mobile coat hanger
C. Pop up jacket spot
D. All of the above.

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Wooden Bookshelves
made of modular elements.
All the modules are designed to rotate around a central
axis providing support for the books. The bottom part
can be used as an hanging device.
Multiple shelves can be endlessly combined to customize
your space.


Modular shelf for what have you

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Solar Umbrella home by Brooks + Scarpa

Solar panels creating a covered porch……

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If your recycling bin overfloweth with empty plastic water bottles and you’re just too lazy to take them to the curb, why not turn them from an eyesore into a lovely centerpiece with this 3D-printed web of bottlecaps? All you need to do is scrounge up twelve similarly sized bottles and you’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind vase that can hold an entire bouquet of flowers.

Available in black or green, the Screw You Vase does require you to add flowers and water for your centerpiece to take shape, but that’s it.

More This 3D-Printed Web of Plastic Caps Turns Water Bottles Into a Vase

Good design and up cycling all rolled in to one

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