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Papercut Illustrations by Eiko Ojala

Nice paper work

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From Eli Chissick (Israel): Gradient


From Eli Chissick (Israel): Gradient

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Rebel Nell is a jewelry line made of layers of graffiti that have flaked off of the wall in Detroit.

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Handrail/stair details in Uno Tomoaki houses.

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Layered Glass Table Concept Creates a Cross-Section of the Ocean

Amazingly creative. Layered glass topographic representation of the ocean.

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Floating sink in an absent bathroom.

Floating sink in an absent bathroom.

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Fold Chair by YS Collective

Such a great simple design…..Simple is always easy after several hundred hours of refinement.

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Olafur Eliasson - Your House (2006)

454 laser-cut pages representing the negative space of the artist’s home outside Copenhagen. No text.

Laser cut house design. Architecture in a book…… Literally

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great design with cardboard

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i don’t drink Coke, but these second use caps are pretty amazing.

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Chambre d’étudiant


Chambre d’étudiant

Joli projet de logement étudiant, mis en forme par le studio d”architectes suédois Tengbom. Avec une empreinte écologique faible et une bilan carbone réduit, cette idée permet à 22 étudiants d’en profiter en 2014.

chambre-etudiant1 chambre-etudiant2 chambre-etudiant3 chambre-etudiant4 chambre-etudiant5

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Tiny space , very well laid out.

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All roof and windows.


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Japanese Inspired Minimalist Penthouse by Esé Studio


Balanced and bold, this minimalist penthouse apartment located in Athens, is a space that is alive with creativity, functionally and elegance. A gorgeous example of not taking minimalism too far, while utilising the available space.

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Simplicity takes work.

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modern architecture vs. utilitarian farm style

Wood and Steele utilitarian sink

Location: Donkys